Which Product for my Skin Color?

There are many skin whitening products available on the market. In fact, more than $45 billion dollars are invested each and every year in this industry. With this abundance of products finding the one which is both accessible and highly efficient can be quite a challenge. Thus, it is highly important to have some idea about how to choose the whitening product suitable for your skin.

The first thing you will have to take into consideration is your skin color. Skin whitening products are formulated for certain skin colors. There are bleaching products specially made for people with dark skin, products designed for people with yellowish tint to their tone, or products that are made exclusively for people with medium to very dark colored skin.

The variations in skin tone is influenced by the levels of Melanin found in the skin. Melanin is produced by  melanocytes and  is triggered by the enzyme responsible for coloring the hair, the eyes and the skin. This enzyme is called tyrosinase.  The greater the production of melanin. the darker the skin color will be.

View our product samples below.

Light Skin Tone

GarnierSuitable for premature skin, or skin with pigmented sports or dull complexion.  Smooths, moisturizes,  and imparts radiance to the complexion while preparing the skin for other products.



Medium Skin Tone

For lightening medium colored skin, one of the finest products on the market is Makari De Suisse Beauty Lightening Milk. This application is lightweight but effective. Most people complain that Makari products come with a price tag, a good product usually does, though prices can vary depending on the quality  of  ingredients, and the care taken to minimize any risk of damage to the skin.

Medium to Dark Skin

light creamFor example,Pharmaclinix Extra Strong, has been formulated for Asian, Arabic and darker skin tones.  This product contains Dionic Acid, a powerful inhibitor of Melanin production. It is a strong formulation that gives deep dermal pigmentation and is excellent for darker skins.


Yellowish Tint

One product that would be suitable for people with a yellowish tint, is L’OREAL White Perfect Transparent Rosy Whitening Day Cream.  Generally people with a yellowish tint to their skin are aspiring to a pink or rosy color, so a milder whitening product will achieve this.  This product is formulated for skin whitening and fairness control, and contains SPF17.

Super Strong Formulation    

There are super strong formulations such as Clinicians Complex 6 % Skin Bleaching Cream, which  is popular among women with very dark skin.  This product has received some very good reviews from users.


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