Review Nur 76

Review – Nur 76


Amanda Trayce

nur 76Many women are looking for solutions to common skin conditions brought on by health issues such as Hormone Replacement Therapy taken during Menopause, Melasma brought on by pregnancy, Acne and hyperpigmentation. Then there are those who simply want to even the skin tone. Yet regardless of the purpose for lightening the skin, no one wants to risk damaging the skin, or becoming the victim of harmful substances and their possible side effects.

For some people the lightning of the whole body is what they are hoping to achieve, and in such cases knowing the right products to purchase is essential to achieving those goals.

There are many applications for the face on the market, you might want to continue using a product you are already familiar with.  If you have decided to lighten your whole body, then you will need to purchase an appropriate body lotion.

SkinBleachingCreamReviews recommends Nur 76 Lightening Body Lotion. The manufacturers have been keen to provide a comprehensive list of natural extracts that make up the formulation of Nur 76, which include: Liquorice, Bearberry, Kojic, Kiwi Extract, Vitamin C, and Arbutin.

This product does not contain Mercury or Hydroquinone, and is formulated to whiten the whole body evenly and safely.  This product is applied after a bath or shower.


  • Well tested UK based product
  • Strong Formula
  •  Reasonably priced
  •  Money back guarantee


  • Comes in a small size (125 ml )
  •  Formulated for people with larger quantities of melanin in the skin
  •  Nur76 can only be ordered directly from online shops.

You can purchase these products in our Skin Whitening Store.


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