indianThere are hundreds of products on the market for lightening dark skin, some contain dangerously high levels of hydroquinone, others have proven effective, but leave the skin severely damaged. The social mental and personal pressures that may cause someone with dark skin to desire a lighter complexion is not the topic of discussion here, but rather to ensure that once the decision to radically transform the natural skin color is made, that we do so safely. The long term effects of products that burn and scar the skin must be laid squarely on the table.

The desire for lighter skin is nothing new among the darker races. Since colonization of many countries, women have been raised to believe that a fairer complexion equates to beauty. As a result, women with dark skin have resorted to various measures to lighten their skin. Though there are many natural forms of skin lightening, the main component in some skin bleaching or lightening products is hydroquinone.The most common use of hydroquinone is to address hyper pigmentation, more predominantly on the face, and also to treat unattractive dark spots. Hydroquinone is a compound that is produced industrially. This compound is also used in medicines in safe quantities to treat diseases such as Rosacea that causes redness of the skin. The main side effects of the use of creams and soaps with dangerously high levels of hydroquinone are that it increases sensitivity to the sun, and this can persist for as long as hydroquinone is in use.blackwoman

There are many creams or soaps on the market that are used to lighten the skin, customers should be more cautious about those creams or soaps being sold under the counter as these are more likely to contain high levels of hydroquinone. There are safer ways to lighten the skin, such as the use of creams that have legal levels of hydroquinone, well those that work, or you can opt for the effective but safer method of skin whitening creams that are made up of natural products and they are difficult to find.

On the whole people want to whiten the skin for a variety of reasons; however it is important to consider the long term consequences, possible side effects, weighed against desired results when using creams or soaps containing high levels of hydroquinone, which can burn or scar the skin. In my opinion it is better to go for the safer option of creams made from safer substances for people with darker skin.

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